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We use the best technology

Aceit integrates the latest technology in satellite navigation combined with digital communication to provide real time GPS tracking for faster, easier and more reliable ways to deliver your goods.

Place your order through our online interface.

Each order received by the system is handled by our experienced team of dispatchers.

We plan each delivery route with the utmost care and consideration.

The correct vehicle is chosen for the job, and the delivery is made in a timely fashion.

Our staff ensure that the delivery instructions are followed.

Upon completion, the system notifies you that the delivery is made.

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Become a happy client

With over 20 year experience and 200+ vehicles in the fleet, you can rely on us to handle your local or interstate deliveries.

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The Services We Offer


Aceit, together with its business partners, have the solution to meet your needs. Whether it be local or interstate, we have the solution.

Specialist Transport Services

Aceit provide specialised outsourcing services for businesses. Ask us today about our dedicated fleet management.

Taxi Trucks & Utes

Aceit has one of the largest fleets of one tonne utes and premium taxi trucks in South Australia.

Freight Forwarding

Not only do Aceit take care of your local delivery needs, they're experienced in handling your coast to coast, depot to depot, freight forwarding deliveries.

Who we are

With nearly four decades of transport experience, Aceit provides fast, secure and reliable services for your business documents and packages.

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