Make a delivery with Aceit Couriers
... no account necessary

Need to get something delivered but don’t have an account…Aceit Couriers can solve this problem for you.

You can use your credit card to pay for a delivery and be able to track it from pick up to drop and also get an email proof of delivery once it has been completed.

Read more about what we can deliver below...

Things that we will deliver:

  • Flat pack items
  • Brand new furniture in boxes or flat packs
  • Boxed new whitegoods
  • Flowers
  • Gift hampers
  • Envelopes/Parcels
  • Boxes/archive boxes
  • Parts
  • Pallets

Things that we wont deliver:

  • Fragile items
  • Second hand furniture
  • Glass windows
  • People
  • Used whitegoods
  • Dangerous goods
  • Animals
  • Illegal goods

Delivery Vehicles

We will delegate the perfect vehicle based on your requirements

1 & 2 tonne vans
1 tonne ute’swith triple racks for items up to 6.5m lengths
2 - 14 tonne taxi trucks

Our service times

Same day service Book by 12pm, Drop by 5pm

Express service 3-4hr service

Priority service ASAP delivery

Wish to book?

Call: 1300 731 770

Follow the prompt and press 2 for Credit Card

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